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Webmasters, would you be interested in earning 10% on every visitor you send to the www.virtualdatingagency.com website – simply by adding our link to your website?

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How it works

When a client shows an interest in our site and clicks on the link on your site a cookie is stored on their computer – this cookie will tell us that you have referred the client to us.

Once the client signs up to our site, we add 10% of the sale made to your account. You can view your earnings using our online stats page.

If the client decides not to sign up at that time, but returns a few days later the cookie will still be on their computer (it stays for at least a week). This means you will still earn money for introducing them to us.

All Cheques are posted to you on the first Monday of every month, and there is no minimum level that you need to reach before payment.

Cheques will be paid for all earnings for the month previous to the one recently expired i.e. your cheque for may will be your earnings in march.

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